401k Retirement Plan

401k retirement planA 401k retirement plan should be the first savings you consider when planning for retirement. 401k plans are often backed by employers, who usually contribute thirty cents or more for every dollar you contribute to your plan. Often you'll have various mutual funds to choose from--some which are more risky and some more secure--so you can invest in what's right for you. Finally, you don't have to pay taxes on the money you contribute to your 401k until you take the money out during retirement.

These pages will help you get a basic understanding of what a 401k plan is:

General Finance
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Social Security Facts
Avoid Ruining Retirement
Where to Invest Savings
Ways to Save
Health Savings Account
Early Retirement
Individual 401k
401k vs. Simple
Optimal 401k Mix
401k Advantages
2006 401k Limit
401k Withdrawal
401k Links
2006 IRA Tax Information
Self Directed IRA FAQ
Real Estate IRAs
IRA Changes in 2006
Convert to Roth IRA
Stock Up Your IRA
Traditional IRAs
Benefiting Early from an IRA
IRA Distribution Mistakes
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